Miscellaneous Glamour bylines


American Woman Portfolio, September 

Obsession, "Girls Make Some Noise" August

Obsessed, "We're With The Band" May

Modern Family Portfolio, May

All About You, "Men Of The Moment" February 


The Glam, "Colbert And Glamour: A Love Story" & "A Brief History Of Women In Suits" September

Table Of Contents, "What's Your Favorite Music Memory?" August

The Glam, "Welcome Back Emily" July

The Conversation, "Female Scientists For The Win" June

The Glam, "Hello, Frida!" March

Table of Contents, "Best Love Advice" February

The Glam, "Non-Workout Workout Ideas, by Alessandra Ambrosio" January


The Glam, "Jessica's Sweetie" November

The Glam, "Found: This Gone Girl's Red-Carpet Uniform" October

All About You, "Well Being: Eating Disorders" September

The Glam, "And now, Katie Holmes shares her denim secrets" August

The Glam, "Kiera Knightley, rewearer extraordinaire!" July

Quote from and pic with dad! June 


Month in Outfits model, December