"You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me
and I belong to this notebook and this pencil."
—Ernest Hemingway

...The short of it: My name is Alexandra Elizabeth Schwartz. I'm a New Yorker turned California dreamer, formerly an entertainment editor at Glamour Magazine, lover of paperbacks, live music, and the sea. On a good Sunday afternoon you'll find me at or near Brooklyn Bowl or The Whitney, on a really good Sunday afternoon you'll find me by the Lennon Wall (at left—or above, depending on where you're reading this—in Prague). 

...The longer version: My editorial path began abroad in Paris, 2009. Charmed by life in the city of lights, I began penning "Tales from Abroad" columns published by my college newspaper, The Trinity Tripod. 

My senior year of Trinity College in Connecticut, I started an internship at Hartford Magazine and became a featured writer within the semester. That summer, after graduation, I specialized at New York University's Summer Publishing Institute and earned a Certification of Publishing. 

After rounds of interviews at publishing houses (and a very close call at Random House) in the fall of 2010, I found a communications internship through a Trinity alum at Assouline—a luxury art book publisher founded by the Parisian/Moroccan (like my mother) Prosper and Martine Assouline. The internship turned into a social media assistant and then into a communications and social media coordinator. But I was always most drawn to the editorial department. 

In 2012, an opportunity opened up at Conde Nast to be the assistant to the editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, of Glamour Magazine. The answer to your Devil Wears Prada question is yes, and I've met Anne Hathaway on the job. Three years later, I was promoted to an entertainment editor. It was an amazing experience, and I got to spend my days interacting with and writing about the industry that I love most. It just wasn't all that sustainable. 

Now, no longer at Glamour, I am determined to find my entertainment (and general whatever) writing an audience of its own. So, thanks for reading.