october 8, 2019

Watching Saturday Night Live Season 45

Reading Normal People by Sally Rooney

Listening To Da Baby - Kirk

Packing For San Francisco, California

september 25, 2019

Watching Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Netflix

Reading Talking To Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Listening To H.E.R.

Unpacking From Wilmington, North Carolina

august 13, 2019

Watching Succession Season 2, HBO; A Black Lady Sketch Show, HBO

Reading Creative Quest by Questlove

Listening To All For Us (Euphoria Soundtrack) - Labrinth & Zendaya {listen below}

Unpacking From Sonoma, California

july 24, 2019

Watching Kathryn Ryan: Glitter Room, Netflix

Still Reading Little Weirds by Jenny Slate & Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb

Listening To Dance Monkey - Tones and I

Packing For New York City this weekend

“I am the croissant that felt its own heat and curves and wished to become a women, and I am that woman from the wish. Let me be your morning treat with your coffee. Disregard the fear that I am too rich to be an ordinary meal.” -Little Weirds, Jenny Slate

july 18, 2019

Watching The Loudest Voice, Showtime; Stranger Things 3, Netflix

Reading Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

Listening To Under The Sun (ft. J. Cole, DaBaby, & Lute) - Dreamville

Packing For An apartment move. Au revoir Manhattan Beach.

june 25, 2019

Watching Euphoria, HBO

Reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Listening To Late Night Feelings - Mark Ronson

Packing For Croatia

“It seems simple to define what a library is—namely, it is a storeroom of books. But the more time I spent at Central, the more I realized that a library is an intricate machine, a contraption of whirring gears. There were days when I came to the library and planted myself near the center of the main corridor and simply watched the whirl and throb of the place.”

april 23, 2019

Watching The Act, Hulu

Reading How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World - New York Times Magazine (If you watch Succession, this is a MUST READ)

Listening To Love to Love U - Wrabel

Packing For The first summer weekend in May on Catalina Island

march 28, 2019

Watching I Am The Night, TNT; The Inventor, HBO

Still Reading The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai

Listening To I Guess I Just Feel Like - John Mayer

Unpacking From New York City

january 20, 2019

Watching Fyre Docs x2, Hulu & Netflix; Surviving R. Kelly, Lifetime

Reading The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai

Listening To Heard It In A Past Life - Maggie Rogers

Needing To Book March travel to New York and July travel to the Mediterranean

“Being on an airplane, even in coach, was the closest an adult could come to the splendid helplessness of infancy.” -The Great Believers

january 3, 2019

Watching Vanity Fair, Amazon Prime; The Last Days of JFK Jr, ABC; Homecoming, Amazon Prime; Escape at Dannemora, Showtime

Reading The Shades by Evgenia Citkowitz

Listening To 2012 - Joey Purp, Swimming - Mac Miller

Unpacking From Paris

Needing To Update the ‘travels’ section of this blog