Crisis In A TV Show?

Despite the less than stellar reviews of Woody Allen's new show (if you could even call it a show, more a chopped up movie rife with full length Allen-isms—from the piano interludes to the credit fonts) on Amazon, there wasn't even a small chance I wasn't going to give it my full attention. Binge watch the entire series in one sitting I did, and I am happy to have done it.

I understand the critics—there's nothing extraordinary about the plot, the casting was eh (I am not very into Miley as revolution-hippie), and it was a bit lazy. "I don't feel like turning the alarm system on tonight," Allen complains within the first 10 minutes. Cue the break in. And so on with the dramatic hints.

But it was funny, it was timely (clearly demonstrating the comparisons between the radical 60s and today), it wrapped itself up in a charming way—bringing together the characters in the final episode for an awkward face off, and it was Woody Allen. His character, not J. D. Salinger but S. J. Munsinger's biggest problem in life is someone eating the chicken out of his fridge. What's not to love?

So, if you haven't begun just yet: don't have any expectations. If you like Woody, you'll appreciate the show. If you find him off putting, you won't. No big crisis. 

PS. If you have begun, did you recognize the voice of Allen's on screen wife, Kay Munsinger? She has an actress daughter who you may know from The Night Of...