In a storybook Luhrmann-esque camera style, I have been totally and completely sucked (pun intended) into the intensely naked world of HBO's new New-York-City-70s-prostitution-drama, "The Deuce." Hard to watch, even cringeworthy at times, this show is all of the oomph and gritty glamour I didn't even realize I was missing on my screen.

Featuring a double James Franco (yes, he plays brothers), endlessly alluring Zoe Kazan, and perfectly cast Maggie Gyllenhaal, "The Deuce" has all the right bait: sex, nostalgia, drugs, New York City, intrigue. And that's just the pilot. Yes, it's vulgar, it's objectifying, it's raw. But it's memorable and real. In the realm of Pretty Woman, this show portrays sex work matter of factly—gives strong women a voice, at a price. Leaves much to be desired, but so much to hold onto—which is why it will be easy to continue going back for more. 

"The Deuce" pilot is streaming now on HBO.