Delayed Gratification

For someone that taunts with false hope, at least the eventual delivery is worthwhile. Yes, I'm talking to you, Frank Ocean—your unexpected stream of weekend treats that came in the form of a visual album on Friday, a music video on Saturday, and a full-length album this morning—one after another. The return of the voice that makes my knees weak. I may have called you
Frank-oncé at first, but I would now argue that this surprise has a very different weight than others. Anticipation built up for years, only one big project before it, a lot to prove. So thank you for giving us enough to satiate our hungry appetites. Kind of you, really. 

While at first I found the releases and tracks themselves a bit random (black and white Frank doppelgängers in Endless, drug rants, a track inspired by a Facebook Story) the more I listen the more cohesive it sounds together, and the more I fall in love. There are the perfectly sung, upbeat tracks (Pink + White, Nights), the guitar-laden romantics (Ivy), and the deeper, more vulnerable Frank that we so adore. "Maybe I'm a fool, maybe I should move, and settle. I'm not brave. Been living in an idea, an idea from another man's mind," he sings in Seigfried. Introspective, the way we like him. 

You can hear Ocean's perfectionism in every verse, you can almost feel the patience this project took on his end. He wanted to get everything just right—a hefty delivery that I will argue is worth the long, long wait. Instant gratification has its perks, but why rush through something this elusive? Music so good it almost brings me to tears—truly. This is art to spend some time on, to absorb. So thank you for the delivery, Frank. A good lesson in patience, I'll admit.