The Loudest, All Too Familiar Voice

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If Russell Crowe doesn’t win gold for his depiction of Roger Ailes in The Loudest Voice, then he will certainly have been robbed of proper recognition (she said with steadfast, masculine authority). His prosthetics team, too—that aging, those overwhelmingly real moles. What a larger than life monster he portrays so effortlessly—so hungry for dominance, so overwhelmingly self-righteous, so inflated by his own ego that preying on everyone around him comes naturally. A feeling of invincibility pumping through his veins.

Oh, you know that man too? He just texted you? Yup, ditto. He’s so fucking familiar, and sometimes (and you might hate me for saying this..) he’s hard to say no to. Feigning god-like-authority, enticing you into his spell, almost hypnotizing you. Ailes certainly did, before driving his victims to literal insanity.

Let’s keep our heads on straight, ladies. Entice on our own terms, assert our voices even louder than theirs.

The Loudest Voice is currently streaming on Showtime.