An Anniversary Worth Celebrating

Nineteen years ago, a curly blonde New Yorker in a pink tutu twirled into our lives and a show hit Home Box Office that would forever change the dialogue and portrayal of smart women on television. Smart, sexy, successful American women. A show that would romanticize New York City and, in a way it had never publicly been before, celebrate casual sex. An ode to female friendship, feminism, and being single. That show is Sex And The City, but I'm guessing you knew that after I said tutu. 

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with." Fuck yes! These pearls of wisdom, delivered every episode from Carrie and her troop of empowering feminists, have literally seeped into our female identities—haven't they? Because Carrie Bradshaw was the foremost editorial influencer—her relatable, revealing sexscapades detailed elegantly in her New York Star sex column, and again with the ladies the next morning at brunch (us included, learning from each lesson of bad sex and broken hearts). Any woman discovering themselves in a big city would be disadvantaged not to soak in the advice of Carrie, the caution of Charlotte, the spunk of Samantha, and the charming cynicism of Miranda from 1998 to today. 

We all—male, female, anyone in between—know too well the break ups, disastrous dates and search for love depicted by this quartet. That's why nearly two decades later, the woman of Sex And The City are still on our minds and on the speed dial equivalent on our HBO Go accounts. They're so us, or the most fabulous versions of ourselves. 

So, let us say cheers. Because nothing before or since 1998 has quite come close to the stamp Sex And The City has made on female driven television. To give celebration where celebration is due, let's mark this milestone of National Sex And The City day and, on her 19th birthday, rejoice that there ever was such a wonderful celebration of women on premium cable.