Down To Get Down

I'm not claiming to be anything close to an expert on hip hop, leaving me in no place to critique the accuracy of "The Get Down" in portraying its beginnings—but really, that's no matter here. What I do claim is a love of Baz Luhrman and an affection for the cinema that he creates. Because in truth, the pilot episode of his new Netflix adventure is just that--a real hour and forty minute cinematic experience. A story told through intense character depiction, emotion, and a dream-like camera lens. How wonderful life is when Baz is on our screens. (Pick up on that Moulin Rouge reference, kids?) 

"The Get Down" is an appreciation for beautiful on screen styling—perfectly tailored outfits and hairdos, fine-tuned acting, and cultural reference in dialogue and in tone. Reminders of Luhrman's other creations—religious centerpieces as large as "Romeo + Juliet's," tear your heart out love stories and over the top feelings a la Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby. And the music on top of it all. Plucking. Right. At. Those. Heart. Strings. 

So I guess where I'm going here is I'm excited about this show, excited to turn every episode into the full and all encompassing experience that I know it will be. 

And one more thing... #bazneedsanoscar